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Graz Translation Studies (GTS)

GTS Grazer Translationsstudien - Graz Translation Studies

Editor: Professor Emeritus Erich Prunč

Translation Studies has seen a paradigm shift since the release of the first edition of GTS in 1994. The contrastive-linguistic approach to translation was considered central at the time but has since been replaced by a wide array of often interdisciplinary approaches.

Graz Translation Studies reflects these recent developments by focusing on the dialogue between theory and practice. Topics include general translation studies, cultural theory, feminist translation studies and community interpreting. 

In addition, the ITAT publishes two special sub-series:

GTS-Lehre and GTS-Texte.


Head of Department

Associate Head of Department

Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.

Sebnem Bahadir-Berzig

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2671

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