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Remapping "habitus" in translation studies

International Research Symposium


27 - 28 April 2012



Department of Translation Studies,
University of Graz, Austria

The international research symposium aims to reassess the role and application of the habitus concept in translation studies. It will attempt to reshape the conceptual framework of the habitus concept by integrating both critical perspectives and interdisciplinary insights.


The symposium addresses, on the one hand, established researchers whose recent work has focused primarily, or to a significant extent, on a Bourdieusian / Latourian / Lahirian sociology of translation. At the same time, it will be open to a select group of younger researchers who are starting to engage with this set of issues in their work.


It is a follow-up event to the international conference on the sociology of translation held in Graz 2005, organized by Michaela Wolf. The papers and discussions will be published by a renowned academic publisher or will appear as a special issue of an international translation studies journal.

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