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Summer School: Conceptualizing Histories of Translation (2023)

Department of Translation Studies, University of Graz

Summer School | Conceptualizing Histories of Translation | 18-23 September 2023 | Graz, Austria

Conceptualizing Histories of Translation: From your story to history

The summer school Translation in History – History in Translation previously organized by the Center for Translation Studies in Vienna will be continued at the Department of Translation Studies in Graz this coming summer.

The focus of our discussions will be on contextualizing our own case studies and exploring the theoretical relevance and significance of these examples for translation history. Renowned speakers will provide theoretical and methodological insights through workshops, encouraging lively discussions and debates. We will also offer opportunities for participants to discuss their work and related issues in small groups or individual consultations with researchers from the Department of Translation Studies in Graz. This will enable participants to further develop their projects and ideas.

Lectures and workshops by

Applications from all countries and different disciplines are welcome. Applicants should demonstrate their interest in translation and/or interpreting history in a short description (1 page) of their PhD project. Selected participants will be expected to prepare a poster of their PhD project by 1 September 2023.



  • Start: Monday 18 September, 12h00
  • End: Saturday 23 September, 13h00
  • Application deadline: 5 June
  • Costs: EUR 150. This includes participation on site, refreshments during breaks, print costs for poster presentations.

We are working on funding for travel bursaries.

Contact: th.summerschool(at)uni-graz.at

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